Articles and Interviews

-. The Armenian Studies as the Self-Defense System and Asymmetric Means of Resistance (in Armenian, Russian)

-. Strategic Gaps in Political Consciousness of the Armenians or the Maxims of the Geopolitical Existence of Armenia  (in Russian)

-. The Silent Cancer We Must Fight - Tooth and Nail

-. From the viewpoint of the Central Bank it is the fight against money laundering. (in Armenian)

-. We and Corruption. (in Armenian)

-. The case of corruption in the Republic of Armenia from the viewpoint of the national security. (in Armenian)

-. One Must Responsibly Treats the Reality (in Armenian) 

-. Murder in Budapesht: Planned Operation of Azeri Special Services. 

-. One must treat reality responsibly  (in Russian) 

-. It happened in Snegiry  (in Russian) 

-  "Public Lecture in London, 27 April 2003 (part of a series of lectures in connection
    with Armenian Genocide recognition activities in the UK - organized by Campaign for
    Recognition of the Armenain Genocide)"

-. "Catholicos Astvatsatur Hamadantzi (1715-1725)
    and the Armenian Liberation Movement"
  (in Armenian)

-. The notions "an Armenian" and "brave warrior"
    were synonymous in Byzantium
  (in Russian)

-  New World System and Rights of Peoples   (in Armenian)

- Repatriation as a Way of Salvation of Armenia and the

- The Situation in Transcaucasia in 1723 and the
     First Support March of the Artzakh Armenians to Syunik
  (in Armenian)

- The Elements for the National Security Doctrine of Armenia   (in Armenian)

- The Ideology of Ghazar Jahketsi

- The Demographic situation in Karabakh in the 1710-1720s

- The Secret Meeting of Armenians on Lim Island in 1722

- Strategic Consequences of Armenian Genocide

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