1.    See, Armen Aivazian, "The Systemic Crisis of the Armenian Nation and the Fictive Nature of the Armenian State," Luys (Los Angeles), Apr. 2002, No. 5 (146). For the sake of the Armenian Nation (Yerevan) Apr. 16 (#14), 30 (#15), May 14 (#16), 2002; Or (Yerevan) May 16, 18, 21, (#19, 20, 21); Iravunk (Yerevan) May 31, 2002 (#41/628).

2.    I wish to express my fundamental disagreement with Academician Khojabegyan's opinion that in order to encourage repatriation, a special program should be established to permit "those children who are students in middle school and high school to continue, upon repatriation, to study in the language that they have started. We should not impose the requirement that if they are Armenian they must study in Armenian. In time they will learn Armenian." (V.E. Khojabekyan, Reproduction of the Armenian Nation, pp. 452, 453). That proposal is not only undermines the nation and the state, it is also impractical, because it is not possible in any education system to carry on education in scores of languages, without destroying the very future of the nation through the schools. Although I have high personal regard for Acad. Khojabegyan as a patriotic scholar and citizen, nevertheless I believe that his proposal could be accommodated and corrected by introducing special Armenian language courses for returning students.


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