Kashunik (Ghubatlu) province


    The Mazra village former included into the district of Maghanjugh, is situated on the elevated part of a mountain spur, 2 km away of the so called Tassi mountain pass, on the altitude of 1250-1310 m above the sea. We could hardly say for sure when exactly did the Armenians leave this village, but the church still standing in the centre of the village is a witness to the fact that by the time of its construction, i. e. in 1694, Mazra was still a prospering Armenian village.
    The church is planned as a vaulted basilica with two sacristies by both sides of the altar apse. The only entrance is opened in the southern facade; it is a building of medium size, built of coarse and processed gray and violet basalt. The inscription on the tympanum containing 8 lines, is difficult to read because of apparently deliberate erasures.
Mazra seen from southwest. The church seen from southeast.
Khachkar under the southern wall and the window eave in the eastern.
    This church was used as a hayloft till 1993. For the purpose of opening a new entrance, the residents dismantled the northern corner of the western facade. Cross-shaped window framing in the eastern facade of the church and the khachkar fastened into the southern wall (115x72x20) are damaged by bullets.
    The village has still preserved its old dug out ground houses. But only fragments have remained of the old Armenian cemetery.
    1.5 km east of Mazra there are traces of a cave settlement.

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